Texture Paint: one object, one Material, different effect from one brush, in one continuous stroke

Regardez, si vous plait:

The circled lines are ONE stroke across ONE object featuring one material. Why is the effect of the brush different at different times?
I checked for unmerged/duplicate vertices and reversed faces, it seems to be all kosher. I never knowingly engaged a texture mask, and anyway why would it affect the same Object differently in different places???

Have you tried deleting the brush and creating a new one? I experienced some corruption too sometimes, usually renewing the brush will do.

Well, I never (knowingly) created a brush at all, just used the default one. I’ll give it a whirl. (back later)

That still doesn’t explain why the same brush on the same material on the same object is showing up differently in a single continuous stroke.

EDIT: didn’t see any textures.

Maybe if you can share the blender file here, more ppl will be able to see what’s wrong.

CubicalOwl20-UPLOAD.zip (2.6 MB)

(I tried to reduce the file size as much as possible w/Purge All, but it just seemed to get bigger.)

Ok, it seems you have a degenerated model. There are some overlapping faces that cause some sort of z-fighting when painting. A quick way to fix it:

  • Enter Edit Mode
  • Set the Selection type to Faces
  • Select all
  • Vertex > Merge > By Distance
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Thanks amigo. :+1:

–Buddha only knows where & when that happened. The same paint behavior was happening before I Applied any modifiers (there were stacked Mirror modifiers involved), but it seems some Duplication might have happened too. I purposefully did a Merge operation, but, I dunno why it didn’t work.

Are Faces automatically removed when Points are Merged?

Theoretically (and rather artificially), 2 faces w/different Materials COULD be sharing the same points, after a Merge operation. Which one gets preserved?

The faces are merged (they become one), not removed. You can try to remove hidden faces with Select > Select All By Trait > Interior Faces while in Edit Mode, then delete. There is also Mesh > Clean Up > Delete Loose.

I usually assign materials after I finish a mesh so I’m not sure, but I think faces with different materials will not be merged. Maybe someone more experienced can tell.