Texture paint only shows up in viewport, not render

Check to see if the material is using the texture you’re currently painting as an input for base color.

it is, otherwise it wouldn’t be showing in the viewport

You should be able to see the changes in object mode even if its not connected as long as you have the image node selected. But thats obviously not your issue.

Have you saved the image? I think if it’s an externally saved image you need to save it in blender to see the changes when rendered. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the image with a different image node. Also try restarting Blender, that usually fixes most of the weird inexplicable glitches

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How do I “save it in blender”? It’s saved externally but generated in blender.

I restarted and also recreated the image node…no dice.

Look at the image editor on my last screenshot. There’s an asterisk in the “image” option next to view. That means I haven’t saved it. Click that to open a submenu and choose save.

I tried to recreate the issue right now but I couldn’t, so maybe the problem is something else, however I do remember running into this exact issue a couple years ago and the solution was saving the image.

Yeah that’s not seeming to work… any other ideas? I’ve even loaded it into separate versions of blender…

Maybe its a problem with your material. Try CTRL+Shift clicking the image texture node in the shader graph to use it as the only input and then render the scene.

Also, do you have an AMD card by any chance? There are a lot of random bugs associated with AMD drivers.

EDIT: Also try to check if it renders properly in Eevee to make sure it isn’t just a problem with your cycles settings

ok, i figured it out! basically, it was a weird bug where I had to rename the image and reload it into blender. I have nvidia.

Saving saved me! I didn’t think that if texture painting worked in material mode, it had to be different for rendered VP, but I guess that’s how it works…