Texture paint - painting on many areas of the model


I have an character model and when I try to use texture painting, my painting is shown up on many areas of my mesh, not only on the spot of clicking. To show the problem I use a random blue color. I have an UV unwrapped texture and I try to improve the texture of skin using texture painting (using a brush of the same texture).

UVs are overlapped… so some pixels in the texture will be shared by all the faces that have those UV coordinates.

You need to re-unwrap your UVs.

Thank you. I have just done re-unwrap my UV and the same problem. I used U -> Unwrap. Could you explain?

Your screenshot doesn’t reveal the cause of the problem and “it doesn’t work” is not enough information to troubleshoot. Put a piece of the model in a .blend with relevant image files packed in and upload that.

Here’s how https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?322623-How-to-ask-questions-effectively-on-blenderartists-org-support-forum&p=2547191&viewfull=1#post2547191