Texture Paint Plus


General information
Texture Paint Plus (TPP for short) is an add-on to improve the texture paint workflow in Blender. The script is based on ideas by Julio Iglesias Lopez. Have a look at the video below for an overview of the implemented functionality.

Feature summary

  • Draw straight lines
  • Replace images textures with UV grids
  • Easy access popup
  • Consolidate images!
  • Several speed hotkeys

You can find the add-on, along with documentation on this webpage.
Please note that you need a current build of Blender for the add-on to work. And the Grid Texture function needs GLSL shading to be enabled (read the documentation).

Any feedback or support for this add-on is of course welcome and much appreciated.

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Another killer add-on from Bartius Crouch!
Look very useful, thanks a lot!

Oh yeah!
Thanx Bart!

Nice! That straight line tool will be most useful for mechanical painting, thanks!

Great job bart ! Thanks…However the wacom pressure is not working anymore. is it because i’m using ubuntu ? :frowning:

Thanks for the nice comments and special thanks to Bernhard Millauer and Domingo Rositas for the donations. It’s much appreciated.

@johantri: I think that problem is unrelated to the add-on as the add-on doesn’t alter the existing pressure functionality. You could try filing a bug report if it used to work before.

You are crazy man… thankyou

I hope there are not any question to include this improvements to official build (for few of them I was looking for years) Thanks.

Awesome chunks. I am sure they will add this to the official build. Thanks guys.

This looks awesome. Many thanks. Needed a straight line tool forever.
Off to consolidate.

Tested for a couple of hours, and it remaps perfectly, but so far I have only
consolidated to a black image. Am I correct in thinking it can only collate
square power of two images. Im in the nasty habit of creating texture maps
that are the same size as my object and then simply “map from view to extents”.
So I rarely end up with standard tex map, unless I dilliberatly strech them.
Until I do the final bake.
Its still increadably usefull as it is a simlpe matter to bake to the new coordinates.
No problems with the paint tools.


rebogey: it should also work correctly with images that aren’t power of 2. Could you share a blend-file (with the images included in it) where you get a black image?

Sorry it took so long to reply, been concentrating on the WC. Im afraid I cant share the blend, but I will have another look, and see if I can find where I have got it wrong. I only tried it with one blend so perhaps there is another fault with it.

for me works great !

This kind of stuff have to be merge in the trunk :slight_smile:


this should be merged into trunk ASAP. An excellent feature set that any “modern” 3d painting/sculpting app should already include. Excellent work Crouch!

I was finally able to send a donation your way, and I advise everyone else to as well, if they can afford to. Bart’s work is helping to mature & modernize blender for all of us. He’s still got a 7 year old cpu, OUCH :wink:

I am afraid I still havent had any succsess in consolidating an image. The first file I have had several attempts with is my Tamar life boat, from my run stuff pic that Im currently working on. While it creats the new uvs, it renders a blank image. The only other possable problem I can think of would be there are overlaping uvs in arreas such as the prop gaurds near the keel. In the end I just baked to the new coordinates.
I then attempted the MTB model from the same pic. This is a much more complex model an the script returned py memory errors without even writing the new uvs. I have recently added 2gig of ram to my system making about 3.2 available for blender, so I wouldent have thaught that would be a problem.
I havent included the addon to my B blend yet, so I have to reinstall it each time I start blender and I have noticed differing behavour on each install, some times hanging the prefs window.
I can post the error consul if it would help, or perhapse the models are just too complex.
This is on win 32 with 25.7 and 25.8.


Development on this addon has continued, based on input by Julio Iglesias Lopez, and it’s now time to release version 1.19.

New features

  • Many new speed hotkeys
  • Display of brush settings in the 3d-view
  • Expanding or contracting of face selection, while in texture paint mode
  • Reload all images in the file, with a single hotkey
  • Highlighting of UV selection in the 3d-view
  • Added options to snap and select mode menus
  • Mass appending of objects

For the full list, including an overview of the hotkeys, take a look at the convenient tables in the documentation.

You can find the add-on, along with the full documentation on this webpage.

awesome update @Crouch!!! Thank you

Time for a new version: 1.23

New features

  • Global saving and loading of all images in the .blend file, with a single hotkey
  • Creation and application of a default material (with diffuse, spec and normal textures)
  • Loading and saving of current image, now also from within 3d-view

For the full list, including an overview of the hotkeys, take a look at the convenient tables in the documentation.

You can find the add-on, along with the full documentation on this webpage.

Hi Bart,
I must be doing something wrong, can’t get the straight line to function at all…shift + left mouse button, just doesn’t work.
I’m on linux fedora 13 system. Any thoughts? :frowning: I’m using svn 42161


mnkymike: there was a bug in Blender that stops the straight lines from working. It was fixed in svn 42175, so you need a newer version of Blender. You can get one at GraphicAll.