Texture Paint Plus

I just discovered this addon and it looks super useful, but I can’t get the straight line tool to work! I’m using 2.67a and get an error when I shift-click.

The error details are as follows:
[location of texture_paint_plus_124.py], line 1267, in modal context.region.callback_remove(self.handle)
AttributeError: ‘Region’ object has no attribute ‘callback_remove’
location: <unknown location>:-1

Yes, sadly the addon does not function anymore in latest Blender, sad because the ability to draw line with shift click was so usefull.

+1 We really need this addon updated. Preferably it must be in Official addons section.

Hi, Bart!
I’m ready to ask questions about this context.region.callback_remove in the appropriate section in this forum…
If you have no time - I’ll do it. But it will be looking silly because I’m not coding or scripting.

Can it be a bug (some forgotten code piece maybe)?

i really need this addons updated for the new gsoc texture paint

Nice addon! Very Usefull tools!

+1 great addon. Consolidate feature is must have in Blender. hope to see it updated

+1 Straight lines!!!

Partial Fix of Texture Paint Plus for 2.69: Straight Lines.
Had to disable certain parts of this addon due to errors.
Will try to fix more if there is interest for it.

texture_paint_plus_125.zip (14.3 KB)

Thank you very much !

I just gave a test and it’s a joy to be able again to shift - drag and have straight lines painted where you need in texture paint mode without the addon throwing instead an error.
The easy and usefull straight line painting was my main interest in that texture paint plus addon, so i am really gratefull for your update.
Thank you again.

Quick question…using Straight lines…I get dotted lines. Regardless of which Stroke Method I use…always comes out as dotted lines. Am I doing something wrong? Great tool btw.


Hmm, i also get visible dotted lines when i draw the straight strokes fast. On the other hand, when i draw them slower, the distance between the dots gets smaller. I had to change the drawing implementation to really draw interpolated “dots” along the straight line path… because before you could draw a stroke with just 2 endpoints, now you have to draw each point inbetween at certain time intervals. The slower you draw the straight stroke, the closer the dots will become and will “unite” to a single line if you are “slow” enough… hmmm, when i find time again i will investigate this, maybe i reduce the time interval between the dots so more of them will be drawn to form a line.

Many great thanks!!! :slight_smile: This is a great help!!!

Thanks for this addon. I did a little bit of experimenting with it and found a couple of bugs and things I didn’t like, so I changed a couple of things in it. So here there are (for now) :

  • disabled Right-click to select a color, there is already the S key for it, reseving Right-click for selecting faces;
  • bug fix : ‘ctrl +’ didn’t add any faces to selection instead it removed some (just like ‘ctrl -’);
  • moved the addon from ‘material’ to ‘paint’ category (judging from the name of the addon).


texture_paint_plus_126.py.zip (14.8 KB)

I’d also like to add my thanks for this addon.

Taken KWD’s 1.26 version above and fixed a few minor 2.69isms, adding some minor features I wanted:

. if you hold down CTRL while drawing a straight line, it will snap to 45deg increments (ie horizontal, vertical and diagonals, relative to screen). The diagonal length is determined by moving the mouse left and right (the computations were faster this way);
. if you hold down ALT before starting a new straight line (ie ALT-SHIFT or ALT-SHIFT-CTRL), it will start the new line from the last location;
. the straight-line indicator now works in both the 3D View window during Texture Paint mode, as well as the UV/Image Editor window;
. added a few warning messages when trying to use Grid-mode - it was confusing me why it refused to do anything (remember to have the texture saved before trying to use Grid-mode);

texture_paint_plus_127.py.zip (15.6 KB)

Thanks for the updates !
The angle constraint is working really nicely, thanks for that.

I can reproduce that, it seems to depend on the size of the brush too, and it’s rather annoying to have to draw the line really slowly to avoid that ugly dot effect. Can it be fixed ?

I’m glad to hear the snapping is working :).

Do you ever use a brush of radius 1? … I’m having some difficulties calculating a stroke slow enough to draw that size smoothly (ie so far it always turns out “dotty”, for reasonably close-up zoom levels). Otherwise, for brushes of radius ~10 or higher, I have a fix here that seems to work (if a little slow to draw). I suspect the speed problem is coming about because (for larger brushes) I’m placing way too many instances of the brush in the stroke - but I’m not quite sure yet how to compute the visible size of the current brush (affected by things like the current zoom factor, the stroke settings, the falloff curve, the texture if any, the texture mask if any, etc etc X).

Could you (or anybody who gets the “ugly dot effect” regularly) try this version please - see if it improves the “dottiness” situation a little. The script now strokes the line twice, once “up” the line, and once “back”.

One thing I’ve observed while testing was that the current zoom level seems to affect the dottiness (even in this 1.28 version of the script) - if you’re finding your line is full of dots, try zooming in (or out) a step or two and retry the line - I’ve been able to draw solid 1px brushes that way.

You may also need to adjust the ‘Paint Stroke’ setting - try Stroke Method ‘Airbrush’ with a very low Rate, or Stroke Method ‘Space’ with a very low spacing. Also, the ‘Paint Curve’ setting may make a difference too - try using the “square” brush shape and see if that helps.

(PS I’ve also tried the straight line stuff in the Blender 2.70 test version as of 20/Feb/2014 10f4c62, and it still seems to work ^_^).

texture_paint_plus_128.py.zip (15.7 KB)

Hello, i gave a test to your new version in the blender 2.70 testbuild and it seems to work really good even on those small sized brushes i don’t see anymore those dotted lines as long as i don’t zoom in too much to create them.
That’s a big improvement, thank you for your work.

I love this addon so much thanx