Texture-paint problem

So I made a model and was going to paint textures on it… but apparently it won’t let me paint anywhere bellow the neck or where the blue marks are.

Where the red lines are, it’s the splitting “mirror” point for the painting. For some odd reason it splits it in to 4 parts instead of two. But maybe it has something to do that I applied mirror. But the texture unwraps only has half of the other. And none of the unwrapped are overlapping each-other.


I’ve been trying to figure that out for days now… :confused: no luck.

Help would be appreciated.

are you shure you did not mask some parts of the faces off?
Did you select all faces as active (check in editor
with the uv-unwrap open in a second window)?

Did… seems they’re all fine. :confused:

Wish I knew why.

In UV Image editor window, do you have “Draw image with RGB color” activated?

Yeah… :confused: doesn’t help when I toggle.

Bump - still having that problem.

Here’s the .blend : http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/Souler_SquidGirl.blend

You have NO material set on your object!

go this way:
select object (girl) in object-mode
create material (object color turns white…)
create texture
and select “image/movie pic.”
and select the image you want to use(or paint to, maybe create a new image)
and set the mapping to UV and the created uv-unwrap (you used the default name

then switch to texture-paint-mode,
select a colour and draw and the model will show the strokes and the image in the uv-editor-window will show those according the mapping of the faces.

and more urgent
you have faces with the normal directed to the inside of the body,
for example the whole leg and feet is wrong.
Enable in the properties (of 3d-view) the display of the normals
for faces (pull the size a bit) and check.
Next i had to redo the uv-unwrap.
Maybe you got totally confused with your different objects,
but for the selected one (that with the hair hidden on layer 2)
i made it again as smart uv-unwrap (disable the mirror for those actions)
and then noticed at once the wrong faces.
With the face-normals corrected (for the legs and feet) painting worked there too.