texture paint question,someone advanced pls help

im making my own 3d rpg & ive recently figured out how 2 texture my landscapes with blender but whatever i do. my landscape looks kind of blurry in game & also in blender.my final texture on my 3d model is 1796x1796

ive also tried using different filter settings but nothing helps.
can someone tell me what settings i need 2 use?? i dont want 2 use a bigger texture that this because blender starts 2 have lag when i do.

also i dont believe my pc is the problem since i have a very high end gaming pc.

my goal is 2 have my landscapes texture very high resolution & look very good in game.
any help from someone with alot of knowledge with texturing???

A 1796 texture image is not high resolution by any standard. If you are trying to texture an entire game level landscape with this size image, then you will always get the blurriness you describe, it’s from spreading the pixels out over too large an area (to use non-technical terms).

Most games use a combination of texture tiling and splatting to maximize terrain decoration with smaller maps. I don’t know of any modern games that use a single image to texture an entire level, unless they are using a very low-end game engine or are trying for a retro look.

BTW, your “t” and your “o” keys seem to work well. Using a numeral instead is not cute, it just pegs you at about eight years old. If you are eight years old, I applaud your industry. If older, well, type your age, please…

If you’re doing your models and textures for a game engine, i suggest you to get more information on the texture size supported.

Most game engines require textures that have their height or width to be a power of two (…, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc …)
And 1796 is not a power of two, that could lead then you into problems if used in an engine that do not really support textures that are non-power of two.

hmm thanks 4 the info! :slight_smile:

i will try a different size texture.ive been looking at videos on youtube & im starting 2 think mabey my problem is ,i should try using more than 1 texture on my landscape instead of just one???

still not sure but ill test multiple textures.thanks 4 the help! :smiley: