Texture paint , resolution and subdivision


the quality of a texture painted in TEXTURE PAINT is related to the subdivision of an object?

if yes :
How can I subdivide only part of an object’s mesh without losing the smoothness and continuity of the edges?

Thank you very much

Its not. It depends on the resolution of the texture.
In vertex paint mode is it dependent on the resolution of the object.

What if the brushes, in texture paint mode, are quadrupling/aliasing even with the texture resolution very high?

I’m using brushes made for photoshop here.
.png file

Will I be setting the brush in the blender wrongly?

Your UV map needs to be good enough. A high res texture can only be as good as the uv map of the object.

Have you tried other brushes? could be a pixelated brush, does not matter if its for photoshop.

A picture of your setup would be helpful with the uv map and the brush texture setting.

is it possible to use textures of smaller sizes efficiently if the object/model is reduced in size?

is the result in this case the same if we use a 2000x2000 texture instead of a 4000x4000 ? but halving the size of the object?

The quality will not improve if you scale the object down. That is driven by the quality of the uv map and the texture resolution.

Have you tried other brushes?