Texture paint: switching textures

I have UV unwrapped my character and want to use the Texture Paint in GLSL (or even not GLSL) to paint texture on the 3D model directly before touching up details in a 2D app.

I might want to have several texture maps, eg diffuse (colour), specularity, normals etc.

First I made a test UV map… one of those grids in the UV editor. I used this to spread out the UV islands etc.

Now I add another texture called “diffuse” (colour) and save it in the UV editor. On my model, I then make set this texture as the Col value, assigned as UV, and I disable the previous test grid.

Trouble is, the 3D view is showing the UV test grid, not the new diffuse one. My brushes are only painting the UV test texture. :no:

How do I switch the UV textures for texture painting?

I believe the solution is that I needed to have the full mesh (all faces) selected in EDIT mode, while changing the map in the UV editor.

If it’s different from that, then someone please elaborate.

Just look at this, there’s good tricks.