Texture paint the correct workflow

Hello folks,

I would like to better explore the texture paint aspect either to improve alpha masks to mix different shaders and also to better refine texture images themselves.

It seems I cannot figure out the correct workflow as only few times I can see texture dynamically update when painting.
Most of the times I have to work in the 2D view texture paint window, have to save and reload the texture in the shader view by manually removing and re-adding the painted texture.
Funniest part is when I foolishly try to paint on the 3d model itself… as blender crashes :joy:

I always keep selected the texture image slot from the shading window while texture painting… but… what am I missing? :thinking:

Ty :wave:t2:

Hey there!

Well this doesn’t seem right.
Normally, you should be able to edit your textures in real time, no matter packed or external, in Solid view or Eevee. Just don’t forget to save from time to time and all should be well.
Unless maybe you have some super complex shader setup with very long painful compilation time?
What you’re describing sounds like a buggy behavior. The crash especially.

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but, basically, was my workflow correct?

btw no it is not supercomplex…

Immagine 2022-08-04 113557

I’m not sure how the shader setup influences the behaviour but i guess… not… because i can paint in 2D and 3D view in the Texture Paint workspave perfectly in soldi and material preview… on an p2/v4 core i3 with 8GB and no extra graphic card… (okay not so nice with multiple 2K and surely not with 4K or view mode rendered…n :sweat_smile: )
And switching the texture slot because blender only can draw on one texture goes with my knowledge…

what you mean exacly sir? :thinking:

No thats not the expected behaviour, but in the end it depends on your system specs and as mentioned the complexity of the shader. It may also be a problem based on your gpu model or driver or …
So what are your specs and os? Hard to judge on that without any info.

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Also, in additions to what others said about specs, @Okidoki brings an interesting point: how big are those textures?

What what i mean ??

  • i have a low spec cpu and it works in 2D and 3D … instantly with not too big textures.
  • blender can only paint on one map and someone have to switch between them

oh wait here is a screencast with a 4096x4096 image… a little laggy at first becasue i was too fast while recording

to keep everyone uop to date, I have an alienware m17 with mobile rtx3080… SSDe HHD, so not a real toilet paper pc :smiley:

ty @Okidoki for your screencast as well, as I do exactly what you do, but no chanche I can see the texture update IRT.

the shader loads a couple of 4k texture though…
you can see the shader in previous posts :slight_smile:
(nothing pro, as I am a noob :frowning: )

Ok that is more than fast enough to handle texture painting. I also dont directly see aything problematic here in the shaders. Maybe blender isnt using your Nvidia but the internal one instead (but even that should be fast enough) or something is causing errors, so that the performance drops. You should check the system console while painting.
You can open it under Menu->Window->Toggle system console.