Texture Paint while displaying render preview in 3D Viewport?

I’m trying to texture paint in the 3D window while it is doing cycles preview display.
It randomly works.
But when it doesn’t, the texture is applied correctly to the actual image but the 3D view does not update unless I toggle to Solid view then back.
BTW, Sculpting also behaves the same manner.

We have proof that it CAN be done, but I have a feeling nobody’s bothered to control it in the code.

I’m on Win 7-64. Geforce GTX 780. Gobs of ram.

Let me know if any way to ensure this stays on. It is SO useful for photorealistic painting! (if you got da power)


I am experiencing this same issue. I just can not re create what I did to have rendered view update while painting.

I haven’t attempted this in a while but I just tried it with 2.78c.
It works, but doesn’t update each stroke until you let go of the mouse, which is mostly uselees as far as I’m concerned.
I tried various settings but the only thing that mattered was 2D textures vs GLSL vs Pixel Draw. The 2D setting was the fastest. I might also depend on your video card. I tested this at work just now with a fairly low-end card, I will try again at home with my performance PC.

The have to be packed into the file. Thats what makes it update in rendered view.