Texture painting: able to paint a smaller line then in any other software?

How can that be?

In the uv texture paint, you can paint the narrowest line ever. It looks like it is narrower than any line you can paint in other software painting packages… is that just an illusion?

For instance the thinest line I can paint in other software is .25 and in another 1 pixel. Now if I load that image in blender and draw a line of 1 it is like 1/8 or 1/10th the thickness of the line in the .png.

I just tried to reproduce what happened and didnt get the same thing… now it looks ok…:spin:

In the image the top line is .25, then .50 then .75 and then1 in Photo Draw and the next two lines are line tool, 1px and the spray can 1px, in photoshop.

The last two lines are in blender, full opaque, size 1.


How could you possibly paint a line smaller than 1 pixel in any package?

I am only a few months in blender, but if i had to guess, it could have simply something to do with the scale of your object. the larger your object, the smaller a line is going to appear. my guess is proportion. This also threw me off, since blender has no set scale (built in - i think there are plugins).

I have to agree and chime in here, when you paint in the editor you are using pixels, so one pixel wide is the smallest, but it appears differently when your texture space is scaled or if your uv mapping is scaled - and that allows some nice small details in certain situations. :smiley:

Hmm, stupid me. I guess. There are tricks to make 1 pixel look smaller… I read that on poop in you mouth.com.

He says one you understand it, you can do those tricks too.

In the above question, I was using two different sized images, one 1024, the other 512. In the 512 the one pixel drawn on the already existing image of one pixel lines, was actually about 1/8 th the size of the ones drawn in another paint program.

The 512 was/is a .png. So why the difference.

Is this a bug in blender importing of .png files?