Texture painting accumulation

I’m not sure exactly how to explain this which is why I couldn’t find it in google but…

I’m painting directly onto a model with just a white mask, but set to .8 strength, when I rotate the object to reach around the back and continue to paint, if I go over a little part I have already painted that part accumulates therefore isn’t .8 any more. How can I prevent it from going over .8 strength, no matter how many times I paint over the same part?

Err, if I understand correctly, instead of Strength you put your Value to .8 (grey)

Thanks for quick reply Billie,

I adjusted the strength in Brush Settings :confused:

Strength is like brush opacity in other software. It puts color in layers. Good for subtle organic painting.
But when you need a certain value over which you don’t want to go, you adjust color itself. Set Strength to 1 and Value to whatever. It will only be able to accumulate to that value now and not higher

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Ah ok, now I’m with you. Thanks Billie.