Texture painting acts weird


I’m texture painting a character, but suddenly everything goes wrong.
I followed a tutorial in which texture painting was explained, although in this tutorial the blender internal engine was used, however I wanted to use the cycles engine.
First things went well, but now suddenly everything goes wrong.
Firstly I couldn’t make new texture paint slots, where there should be a botton there wasn’t, then I somehow got a new texture slot but although I turned alpha to 0 I couldn’t see through it and my character was simply white.
Then I got rid of both textures paintng slots, and when I added it again, It turned negative.
Also before, when I had a fine texture in the cycles engine and I switcht to the blender internal engine my whole texture turned pink. Now it doesn’t change anything any more…

Can anyone please help me out?


minion .blend (6.09 MB)

Why are you changing between cycles and BI ? If you make a cycles material and then switch to BI it will be a node material and so will not show up correctly (black). If you have a pink colour, that indicates a missing texture. Ensure you also save your painted texture before exiting.

I suggest you stop faffing around and stick with either cycles or BI materials until you’ve finished painting. If you change renderer, delete the current material and create a new one specifically for each renderers material system. Using a cycles material in BI or a BI material in cycles is just poor material management.