Texture Painting and UV maps for higher res...

Hey I’m trying to map for a game and separate materials just don’t cut it, so I guess this means to texture paint. I cannot figure out HOW to do this?! How do you paint a texture directly onto an object?

Also when I unwrap a UV map, I just get poly’s all over the place and don’t knwo what is what… Is there a cleaner way of doing this?


hi, try greybeards tut on lscm from the main site, or the tutorials in my sig to get a better idea about UV mapping. to texture paint, once you have done a successful unwrap, you need to load an image in the UV window, usually solid white or grey, then, click d to change your draw mode to textured, and then, from the menu with the three arrows on it, chose texture paint mode, and also in the UV window, click on the texture paint button. now you can paint directly on your model, or paint it from the UV window. when youre done, in the UV window, save the image. ( there’s a menu that has the save image function in the UV window. )

You can paint onto your UVMap images:



Yeah, in the UV/image editor.
Is it possible to paint in the 3D window like you do with the weight paint but with actual colors?

Like what vliegtuig said. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do because my mesh just looks like crap once unwrapped.

Well, not really, because you can’t see Material Textures in the 3d Viewport, but you can paint on a Material Texture. You must have an Image texture added in F6, it can be a blank, white pic. Select “Texture Paint” from the 3D window menu and goto F9 buttons to see the paint tab. Paint onto the image in UVEditor window. Remember to SAVE the image once painted!