texture painting crashes blender 2.63

I just got 2.63 and it crashes when I try to texture paint. Same file paints fine in 2.62. Isthere something I have to do to make the same file work in a newer version?

Hey. If you’d like to attach a .blend I can see if it crashes for me.


Here is a dropbox link.

BTW…click on the uv map entitled face and try to paint on the face

the link should work now I forgot to pack the data on the first one

Heres the other annoying thing. I can see the uv map in the uv window while painting in 2.62 but not in 2.63

Okay… That just actually crashed my firefox and wifi connection as well.
That leads me to believe that it’s a memory issue… As in Blender just tried to consume so much memory that it ate all my system resources along with it. Same thing happens when I go above 25 million polys in sculpt. Things just start shuttin’ down all over.
Recursion memory error / infinite loop would be my guess.

yeah seems like Im gona have to use 2.62 for uv painting and that sucks cuz no bmesh

If it happens all the time with 2.63, it’s a very good candidate for a bug report :