Texture Painting disappeared


I spent a while drawing a texture in Texture paint mode, and all was OK. It was rendering fine for a while, but now, it’s gone. I’m back to my old material again, even though the UV texture I used to paint the image onto is still assigned to my plane.

This has happened a couple of times now and it takes me ages to redraw the texture. I was wondering if I’ve just inadvertently switched it off with some keystroke, or has it really gone?


You might want to put the “TexFace” button on in the material buttons. Otherwise it won’t render. Hope it works :slight_smile:

Thanks. Seems as though it’s gone for good though unfortunately… :frowning:

Oh well back to the drawing board…

Attach your .blend file and it will be easier for us to help.

s’okay, I redid my textures and this time it’s staying put. I think i must have done somethign stupid

I would just like to say that since starting using Blender a couple of weeks ago, I’m thoroughly impressed with the software and the support. After getting to grips (more or less) with the user interface, it’s superb to use. I’m designing a new MTB track and I’ve never done 3D stuff before, but I’ve already modelled it really well in blender; the results are fantastic.

Thanks for the excellent software and of course the support of the community who’ve helped me a great deal - I salute you all :slight_smile:


I’ve had a similar problem with baking textures. Sometimes Blender decides it doesn’t need to keep the image in the editor. I try to save any image that I’m working on in Blender, painting or baking, as frequently as possible. That way if Blender decides to clear it, I can still go back to something other than a black image frame.

Thanks for the tip - I wasn’t saving it actually and I guess that would definately help. Still learnin’ :wink: