Texture Painting in Blender


There are some really great Blender Renders out there, with quality texture work.
It makes me wonder how did they paint those textures.
Any suggestions on how to achieve that level of texturing, with or without Blender?


Lots of people use Substance Painter for this (not a freeware in general, but seems to have student’s license). Other solutions include using programs like Gimp, Krita (open source) or Adobe PS.
Also, I’ve seen painting add-on for Armory. And, of course, you can paint textures directly in Blender.


I took a look at ArmorPaint, seems like a good starting point since it is a lot cheaper than Substance Painter.
But ArmorPaint is in early stages of development and it lacks a lot of features when compared to Substance Painter.
Additionally, since Blender 2.8 is close to being released (hopefully), will it have any advanced texture painting features similar to the mentioned softwares?


I hope so - but I don’t know much about Blender 2.8 roadmap. Personally, I prefer exporting UV layout and then painting textures in Gimp.

(Rimasson) #5

Blender painting tools are very capable. If you want paint layers, you should have a look at Bpainter addon


Thanks for the suggestions.
I will keep looking for tools and will post them here.


Thanks for the tip, but I’ve always used open source/shareware/freeware only. While I have nothing against commercial /and selling add-ons for open source, even for Blender/, I can’t use this - economy-wise.

(czerw) #8

You may also check this addon, it adds layers for pbr workflow, you may paint with bump, a lot of shortcuts, I’ve used it some time ago it is pretty sweet.