Texture Painting multiple channels simultaneously

What I have:

  • UV-unwrrapped mesh
  • a set of tiling textures (diffuse, bump, roughness…)

Let’s take the (fairly realistic) assumption that the detail textures (bump, roughness…) cannot be generated directly from the diffuse by applying an image filter (e.g. the bump map may contain hand-crafted details).

What I would like to achieve:

  • Projection paint the texture on the mesh…
  • … such that all texture channels are in proper alignment as I’m painting.

Can Blender 2.8 do that? I know it isn’t possible in 2.79. Is something like this on the roadmap? It’ really an essential feature for working with PBR materials.

“Do it in substance painter” is not really a satisfying answer for a tool as powerful as blender, now is it?

Is the correct answer. Or 3D Coat.