Texture painting on a mesh with multiple UVs

Hi all, I just registered to the site and I have a question:
I have a mesh with 2 materials.
each material got a different texture applied (the UVs are ovelapping)
when I bake for example, I get two textures.
now when I texture paint the mesh it only reacts to one of the textures.
How do I fix it and be able to paint texture both faces?
I can do one face, then save and do the second but it wont be seamless over the edges.

thanks, BB:RocknRoll:

Not sure if this is the same issue. I had a main mesh(person) and a seperate mesh(cloak). 2 materials and 2 uv maps 1 each. For me the only way to get the 2nd mesh painted (the cloak) was to paint its inside. It worked fine but the cloak was just a plane not sure how it would work with a thicker mesh.