texture painting question.

after a time reading the forums without joining, and loving blender in silence I decided to register to start taking part of this community.
and here is my first question.
¿in painting mode,and texture projection brush activated, is there any way to being able to see the projection texture before start painting? somethin like the stencil in mudbox
thanks in advance

pd sorry about my english

Something like this? Vpaint. http://vimeo.com/13812115
I’m not sure when this might be available.

yes … thank you

yes this is what i was trying to explain…thank you

i have a question similar to the one above… how do i use the texture paint?

Texture paint is actually fairly simple to do; you need to UV map and unwrap your object, then create an image for your object. Lastly, you create textures that you want to paint with, and you go for it!

ok thank you

I’ve been using Blender since 2004 and only recently joined the community so don’t feel too bad :eyebrowlift2: