Texture Painting Repeats

Hey There, I’m running into a problem when I am texture painting an object. The texture, no matter the size, is reduced to a small box and repeats when painting so a 2x2 plain will have several of the same image every few inches, which looks terrible. I’ve tried different setting and what not but nothing helps. I compared settings with my mac, which is where I am having the problems, with my PC. The pc runs perfectly fine and the painting works great. I matched up the settings from my pc and the problem still persists. I Have the hang on building objects and I really want to get texturing down.

I am new to blender but I have spent that last few days watching tutorials and devoting hours upon hours of time to learning how to model objects. SO if anyone knows how to fix this problem It would be great if you’d shared. Thanks.

Mac Specs:
OS 10.7.2
2.93 GHz i7 Intel Core Processor
4 GB DDR3 Ram
1T Hard Drive

Pc Specs:
Windows 7 Home
2.13 GHz i3 Intel Core Processor
4 GB Ram
500 GB Hard Drive

Do you already know about UV mapping? Sounds like a bad Unwrap, not sure what the behavior is if you start painting without first installing and creating an image to paint onto.


I guess I did not go into detail of what I do when I try to paint. Ok here it goes.

First I select and mark any seams then I pull up the UV/Image Editor in another window. I make a new Image, which is normally black. I then Unwrap my object and it appears in the image. I then Add a material then a texture with the option type Image or Movie selected. I pull up a texture image Jpeg from my desktop and it loads up. Then I go over to the little brush option under the texture window and load up the same image. In the 3D View I set the view to view textures and the mode to Texture paint. Then I proceed to paint my object which is where my problem starts.

Now I don’t really know If what I just described is the right way to apply textures and texture paint but after searching for hours on how to do it this is what I pieced together.

I hope that helps clarify what the problem is.

idk if this has been solved yet but maybe you have texture set to global, it should be UV. global would repeat it. which sadly they cant fix that one, you would need to use a higher resolution texture.