Texture painting smudge lag


I’m using texture painting with default settings, when painting it’s performance is good but when I use the smudge tool (something I do a lot) the lag is so bad It’s making it hard to work. This problem is the same on 2.8, 2.9 and the 3.0 beta. Currently using it on a model with 3 2048 UDIM tiles.

I thought my system was beefy enough to cope - Titan x, 32g DDR4 ram 3.6gz Xeon - Linux Ubuntu latest release with Nvidia drivers.

Are there any settings or tips I should know of to improve performance? I was tempted to try substance painter but I can’t afford it, I might try Armour Paint if anyone has had any good experiences with that. But really I would like to keep it all in blender if possible.


Hi, that brush is poorly coded to be honest and does not depend on the hardware power. The blender roadmap speaks this year again from a texturing system overhaul, so i hope they can do it this year.

To solve your problem i think the smudge tool in the 2d image editor works better? Not sure but you can also open the saved texture in krita or similar and do the smudge there. Every time you save blender should (or use reload button) update the texture.

Armory paint works also nice. Its similar to blenders interface because its based of it but with better painting tools and performance.

Ahh thanks I’ll try it in the 2D viewport, It’s kinda nice to do it in the 3D port though as It’s easier to see where you are painting on a complex model with lots of seams. I’m not sure if this is true or not but I hear Armory uses the GPU for performance, would be nice if they could do the same in blender.

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They want to improve it no question but they just currently work on others. Hope they find more devs to improve some of the very old system like animation, texturepaint and simulations.
As long as every blender release have major improvements i am not concerned and know someday they get to it.

Also all modifiers should be off.