Texture Painting using Pen with Pressure Masking - Ramp option

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Pressure Masking

A mask cut-off function. It allows to clip the mask result based on pressure, creating areas of no paint when low pressure is applied to the brush, similar to how a real brush would behave.




Distributes the mask effect above the pressure value.


Simply selects between zero and one based on stylus pressure.

I haven’t got a pen on my computer. Could anyone with a pen using pressure masking please tell me exactly what happened when using pen with ‘Ramp’ option please? And also the effect of ‘Cut-off’ as well if possible.

This is the file I’m using:

20221122_learning_painting_texture_using_stencil_ramp_cutoff_0001.blend (1014.2 KB)

Thank you.

Ramp…takes in the Pen pressure and increases the pressure ( not sure the amount or what value) but at very light pressure it will increase as if you were pressing harder…
You can see the effect of using Ramp in the bottom of the image …used a very light pressure ( my old tablet has limited pressure sensitivity ) and at the very top used a stronger pressure enough that it would become tedious pressing that hard all the time… this is all with a strength of 4.12.

Cutt-off…is quite obvious with the dark holes due to it being Off or On, Zero or One.


Thank you ever so much. Now I know what the effects are.

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