texture painting, weirded out


I’ve got something very strange trying to texture-paint surface (see the screenshot).

Apparently the ‘paint’ bleeds over the edges in 3D view, while in the UV/Image view there’s something gradient-like.

Such strange effect appeared after I occasionally switched to weight painting and made several strokes.

The only way to beat it I’ve found so far is to delete all of the vertex groups - but that’s something I really don’t want to do.

Is there something else I could do, and does anyone know why on Earth that has happened at all?


It looks like your UV islands are too close together. Try unwrapping again, but set a value for the margin In the UV buttons.

Thanks, but why has that strange effect disappeared after I’ve killed all of the vertex group indeces?

things’d gone even worse (see picture).

it appears that now it shades/textures every single polygon with the UV-set texture. I’m outta my brain already, what the hell is going on!!!..:spin:

UPD: sorry, that’s just my UV failed.