Texture Painting - Where the "Add Texture Paint Slot" went to?

In the video tutorial I’m following the instructor is using 2.72. In that version there was a dropdown menu available in the Slots tab, called Add Texture Paint Slot. Have a look at the images below:

Now in 2.75 this is what’s there now:

Switching to Image from Material doesn’t lead to what was there before. Nor it makes any difference whether you’re using BI or Cycles.

Thanks guys,


Ensure your object has a material

Add a material and paint slot

Thanks Richard.
After testing some more I confirmed that this option is not available while in Cycles :frowning:

Looks like I’ll have to re-familiarize myself with BI :frowning:

I guess this raises the question: Does it mean that to make the most of Texture Painting one has to use BI? (at least at the moment, and in the most convenient and practical way)



It is in cycles…When You click the add paint slot…In Richard Marklew picture…You see the same box as in Your picture from 2.72