Texture Painting Will Not Render??

Can someone please view this file and tell me how to get the results of my texture painting effort to appear in a render? https://jumpshare.com/b/TLQfVYGb712smTGY7oTT

I’m following a tutorial, and I’ve saved the image file by using Alt/S, and I’ve saved the file, of course, via Cmd/S. I’ve also embedded all files, but when I render - no road!!

Appreciate any/all help!!

I’ve also embedded all files
No you haven’t. No textures in your blend file.

O-0-0-p-s! Selected “Auto” but didn’t choose “Pack”. Here it is again: https://jumpshare.com/b/sSLeVJn7V8DGPJKVDImz

The image “SoilSand0184_22_S.jpg” appears in the render here. Tested in Blender 2.73a and 2.75 from buildbot, Linux.

Or perhaps I do not understand you. Should appear a road there? On what image you had painted?

I have texture painted a road, and thought I had saved the road image properly, i.e. Alt/S. However, when I then render the project, the road doesn’t show up???

I can’t see any textured road assigned. The two objects have a sand texture, and a displacement, but no road.

Since your foreground plane’s texture is set to be tiled and you probably are trying to paint a road which leads from Camera to mountains… This wont work. You see road while you paint or clone paint but wen it comes to the material and render turns out your road is spread out being painted on each tile.
Add new paint slot and image to paint to, paint road, save. You will have two texture images for the plane: one is tiled sand, another -road on a transparency.

Thanks, eppo. I understnd what I did wrong. Is there any way to prevent the new “slot material” from being black? I would like to see where I’m painting?

Before you hit OK for a new image click on a color and in Color Picker slide A(lpha) to 0. You’ll get transparent image then.

Got it! Thanks again, eppo, for “bailing me out”!