Texture painting with layers - now it is possilbe

Do you know? Now it is possible to paint layered textures using glsl (apricot) build.
Every layer must be a texture and you must make a material that uses these textures with different blending modes.

Like Gimp or Photoshop layers? The kind you can visually see in a stack and rearrange by dragging?

Or the weird copy and paste style? Either way Awesome! Sounds nice and will be fun to learn how to use.

I assume what you mean is using Images with UV coord and different channels?

You can than also attach them to different types like color / normal / etc ?

Only what is missing is better paint tools in Blender :wink:

do you mean like this? http://www.vimeo.com/1377005

what he means is that essentially you can paint like you can paint in photoshop and/or gimp with masked_layers.
use stencil texture in the middle of 2 textures as the layers mask.

video demo please!