Texture Painting with Stencil Map not working

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to follow various tutorials on stencil map painting (so that I can texture paint over another texture in specific areas). Problem is, when I go into texture paint mode and paint with white, the layer beneath the stencil does not appear.

I have reviewed several videos that cover this topic, but I have not been able to identify what I’m doing wrong.

Blend File: http://www.mediafire.com/?jr683jwypsme27d

You do realise that your blend contains no textures, they’re sitting on your hard drive. If you post questions asking about textures then please at least pack the relevant ones into your blend file (File / External Data)

Good point :slight_smile:

Here is the file with the external data: http://www.mediafire.com/?4u2p7lar47bta1p

This is one of those moments…
On file you posted, on Texture panel select “stencil map”; in UV editor delete stencilA1 - click on X; in 3dview switch edit mode; back in UV editor from file dropdown icon select untitled.001 instead of stencilA1 which will be again there.
Switch 3dview Texture paint mode - paint. Save untitled.001 as something meaningful.
Shift - click X on files you don’t need from uveditor list, save and load again blend file. Unneeded files are gone.

Hope helps. And don’t ask for reasons of that - not a slightest idea ;).

Thanks Eppo,

I played around with the UV map, unwrapped the terrain again and got it to work. Not sure why it didn’t work before, but something seemed to be wrong with the stencil map (stencil A1).

Thanks again!