Texture painting work doesn`t save (Urgent)

Here`s a video: https://youtu.be/5SjBpuSj848
How do I save this work?
I thought just saving it as normal would preserve the texture painting too. I lost hours of work when it suddenly crashed. Needless to say, I’m really really torn up about it. Is there anyway I can recover my old work? I’m not even sure if I can finish what I want to finish in time anymore. I need to finish this for a portfolio before a deadline (tomorrow, or the day after that at the latest) so I’m pretty desperate.

You have to save your picture separately, do this:

Thanks. I’m changing tracks on this project but I’ll try that another time.

I stlll need help! It’s not showing up when I’m trying to save it. Anything I can do? Under image textures, it’s also listed as Thisishorsehead

My guess will be you didn’t open the same image in the image editor. Show me what you have in the image slot.

Hi! Thanks for your help, I finished modelling it! I think I had another material over the one that I was looking at or something. Using your method of saving really helped. Thanks again.

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