Texture painting

in latest 2.49
i’m trying to follow this wiki page


but cannot get the brush to paint onto the selected object !

can someone explain how you can do that ?

and is there things missing in this wiki page ?
i mean i can see the brush in 3D window only if i get out of edit mode
is that normal ?

but then i don’t see the UVmap anymore?

also in edit mode i cannot get in view menu the paint texture
as indicated in wikipage?
has this been change in 2.49 ?

appreciate any help on this

see pic


Looking at your Pic`s it looks for me as you have no Image assigned to your unwrap…try to drop in a Image in your UV/Image editor window. Hope that was it.

you mean i need to upload an image also?

i tough this was to paint color with a brush onto the model
which should be independant of any image
but may be i’m wrong ?


yes, you are wrong :wink:
texture painting is to paint textures onto an image.
what you probably mean is vertex painting.
and the tutorial you are following (maybe not close enough) says it quite clearly:

Getting Started
Once you have un-wrapped your model to a UV Texture (as explained in previous pages), you have to:
Load an image into the UV/Image Editor (Image->Open->select file) , or
Create a new image (Image->New->specify size) and saved it to a file (Image->Save->specify file).

not certain i reloaded the file with a pic
and in the uv editor bottom header i was able to turn on the Paint function

and i can add some color in UV editor now

see pic

but i still need to do it inside the 3D viewport
in texture paint mode i can see the circle for the brush
but i does not color anything not cetain why ?

mind you my model have a very low faces count
so normally i guess this should be used on model with a lot more faces


and in the uv editor bottom header i was able to turn on the Paint function

well i would say now switch in your 3D view to the Texture Paint mode press F9, adjust your Brush in the Paint Tab (Opacity, size, whateveryoulike) and Paint onto your model.

i tried to go into the 3D with paint texture and i can see the brush and can move it
but no color is added - nothink is happening

so is there something else that i ahve to do apply some colors following the brush
may i miised something very simple here but what ?

i work in the UV editor so it has towork also in the 3D viewport but how?


Ok…now starts guessing and trying hrhr

Lets try folowing.
Open your model, unwrap it, drop an Image to your unwrap.(I guess you are allready at that point)
Switch to Texture Paint mode and drawtype Textured.
If your model is now white and you can paint over it but changes (brushstrokes) only apper in your UV/Image editor window then i would say your Picture is not an Square Power of 2.

From your tutorial link

Texture paint is very fast and responsive when working in the 3D window and when your image is sized as a square, power of two; 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, etc.

Try to change it in Gimp/PS what ever

If You can paint over your model in Textured mode but you cant see your texture in edit or object mode try
F7/object buttons —>Tab Draw —> Drawtype. Turn on shaded.

Hope it helps

ok i remember this power of 2
but tough that this was a must for BGE
but may be it would help also for the Texture painting
but don’t remember seeing this in the wiki page !

i’ll test that too

now one thing i tested is that in the 3D window i don’t see the color added being in texture paint mode
but i can see in the UV editor the stroke of brush being added but not visible in the 3D viewport

so may be we are not supposed to see it in the 3D viewport ?

Thanks guy

now one thing i tested is that in the 3D window i don’t see the color added being in texture paint mode
but i can see in the UV editor the stroke of brush being added but not visible in the 3D viewport

Thats what happens for me too if the Texture is not a square, power of two.
Maybe a Picture is clearer. Added a simple cube and a bit more complex mesh.



so you’r saying you must have a square image or it want appear in 3D viewport

i’ll do a test but before need to modify and find how to make pic square!


eh…before you crop all your pics to a real square. Pic`s like 1024+1024x1024 (2048x1024) should do the job too.

by the way i teste some multi UV map with several materials

and seem ok


1 - is there a way ounce a UV map is done to delte some UV faces ?

2 - if you have 2 UV maps is it possible to merge theses 2 into one
is using the same pic behing or have to redo a new pic to fit the 2 Map


  1. Sounds a like the Question you did here allready. Maybe you become answers fitting your liking more if you explain there what you are trying to archive with that hiding. :cool:

  2. There are some methods to merge UV/Texture maps, 3 things i wanna mention will hopefully help you to start your research what fits best for you.

  • merging Images/Textures with alphachanel. You could lay them on top of each other and bake to a UV map. I think (without searching myself now) there are tuts out that explains it great.

  • stencil maps. They work like masks and you can blend Textures together with a black/white, greyscale map. To get all in one final map you can do a Texture Baking.

  • and at last i wanna mention Projection Painting. Here you Paint diffent Images/Textures direcly in an image. Thats close to what you have done allready here.

HF :wink:

iv’been re reading all the wiki pages on UV and some tut tpp
and not easy to grasp all the definitions little tricks and to understand it

but i’m beginning to have a better understanding of it with time and lot of practice
and help from forum here

anyway i’ll re test and i think it should wiork this time at least i hope

for the painting projection i tried it check the video a few times but it’s a little difficults to understand but i 'll check the video again and may be it will go better this time