Texture painting

Hi! i recently started with blender, and enjoying it so far.
I’ve watched many tutorials on how adding textures work.
And on a fresh project with nothing but a cube, these guidelines helps.
But after a 8 hour project with many layers and objects.
Why does it not want to Unwrap and show up in my UV window?
I’m simply wasting many hour of a project that will turn out looking like a papermache figurine.

Why? Who knows, you haven’t showed anything what you have. No images and no .blend file to demonstrate the problem. Might be because you have render result showing in the UV/image editor and that covers the UV’s until you clear/delete the render result from the header, but this is just guesses since there is no way of knowing how you try to view them.

Also consider using paragraphs. We read from left to right and a paragraph separates a partial topic, making your post easier to read.