Texture painting

I am painting a texture for the eyes. I use the color picker to pick brown color from the ref image and paste it to the iris. But the resulting color is not what I expected. It’s much dimmer than the base color. I tried several click to intensify the color and other blending options like add, substract,etc but it did not work. Why is that?


Don’t now if this will be to much help but…In Brush panel - strength is set to 0500 = 50 %
And You have tablet pressure on…I’ts not a problem because You say You have tried to click a few time.


Oh I do not know that would be so easy. That’s the strength!!! Thankss
Not worth a topic at all :frowning:

He he…)

Why not…You got Your problem solved…:slight_smile:

And I hope I can give You a few tip’s

Is there a reason You use Blender render have You tried Cycles render…Both have pros and cons…So ?

You can Drag and Drop Image file into Blenders viewport and node Editor…If You Drag a file into node Editor - The node is set up automatically…Only thing need to be set is type - Filebrowser left.

Drag and Drop in Properties panel - from surface - Color to Settings - viewport color.

Another thing I see in Your picture - Is in N- Panel - scale isen’t 1 - It can give problem if used with modifier…If there isen’t are a reason it’s out of scale…You should use Ctrl - a to scale it back…)

Puff Puff Blender ROCKS…)


I don’t quite understand the Cycles render or the differences between it and blender internal. So I don’t mind them. Do not know Cycles is that convenient.
Thanks for the tip about scale! Sounds small but I believe it will prevent some problems that may frustrate so much in the future.

Short…Cycles is for realism and it work with Gpu…So if You have a nvidia card…You should use Cycles…It’s like night and day…:slight_smile:
Cycles is damn fast and easier to work with in the node system.

Scale…He he…I think 90% of the problem People have with addons…Is because of scale.
If You don’t know…It happen when You scale mesh in Object Mode.


What about Radeon card? Haha I have radeon HD 8530M 1GB. Is it ok with Cycles? Heard that it was really old-fashioned one!