Texture Performance

I just want to know what is better performance-wise:

Having multiple tiled textures for a map or one mega texture for the map?

Thanks for the answers.

Well one big texture would be overkill imho.
Having tiled textures would be better if your using LOD, if you get my drift.
If we talking Shadows and AO, then i would do one for the whole of the scene but that`s
my way of doing things and i get 60fps 1080p 4xAA on my decent rig.

Hope you get better answers from more experienced blender artist :slight_smile:

One big texture should be better because it reduces the amount of state changes in the gpu (which are expensive, relatively speaking). It can also reduce the number of times data is transferred to the texture buffers but that depends on how many textures you need - if your entire game doesn’t need more than the available vram then there will be nothing to reduce because texture data will be pushed in the vram once for all.

I can tell you that having larger textures makes GPU more time to bing the texture. Tiling a 1024 texture multiple times is better than having 8192 texture, but if you have 64 different 1024 textures - better use one 8192 texutre. It is dependent how you are trying to use it.