texture placement problem

i’ve tried searching for help on this, but i haven’t got a satisfactory answer. i’m trying to use a picture as a seamless texture on a bunch of faces on a vase i created. i can’t use UV mapping because i will maul the texture and it won’t be seamless. i have the mapping type right - tube mapping, but for some reason, i can’t get the texture image to “sit” at the bottom of the region, that is, the bottom of the texture doesn’t coincide with the (top-to-bottom) bottom of the area of the vase to be textured. i’ve tried moving the texture space (using TKEY) with no results. helpful comments will be highly appreciated. my internet connection is messed up, so i can’t upload the renders, but i hope what i’ve said makes sense. thanks in advance.

you could try playing around with the maping co ordinates on the material button map input pane


I also have problems figuring out how textures will behave. But if you’re just going to wallpaper a whole surface with one texture, try going into the texture options selection menu and select “image” as your texture. Browse for the image you want to apply, select it, and then play with the ‘repeat’ or ‘extend’ types. One of them will work – with a lot of tweaking.

Careful: you are entering the realm of “Arcane Knowledge.” Only the most ancient monkeys are privy to these eldritch secrets.

thanks for your replies. i have tried the offset thing and it works - after a fashion. it was really annoying to find that rescaling the object repositions the texture. i guess i’ll just chance it.