texture plugin World & Weird

hi, just playing with world textures here. no mesh is used. Blender 2.45

To achieve this I have used the ‘Matrix’ Plugin,
To try this set the world settings to light blue first then darker blue.
use the Blend & Paper settings.
For the Matrix Plugin…
press intens.
Offset -0.77
Depth 12
Scale 2.46
Falloff 1.00
in combination with the Blend texture.
turn on Lin & Flip XY
the rest (colors for both textures) is done in the colorband using shades of blue & white, grey & white & transparency.
all mapped to Blend, Hori, ZenUp, ZenDo.
Matrix Texture input to Lighten press Neg. Color Light Blue.
Blend Texture input to Multiply, color not important.
The next entirely unrelated image uses the Spirals Texture Plugin.
experimenting is the key.

that’s just plain trippy, 3d textures without the 3d?

yet another oft-forgotten but incredibly awesome feature. Everyone should have a 3-ring binder with samples next to thier workstation as a quick reference for these kinds of things. in wiki at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php?title=Manual/Texture_Plugins