Texture Practice

Purpose: This is just an effort to get past my texture woes (in addition to prepare for a near future project).
Baseline: Here’s where I am starting (randomly extruded box #1)…

Self Critique:
To make things more simple this was really done as more of a 2D perspective (i.e. you will see stretching in the dimension). The area with the chevron is (in particular) and meets the fasteners is not consistent with scratching. I also over did the scratches and did not do enough with the paint primer. Better then the random chaos I usually do for abrasions, but still not very good.

Feedback is welcomed as is links to educational resources. Anyone else who wants to practice and post is also welcomed to do so (I can also make base mesh available for others if it’s wanted).

On deck, low poly girl game character (614 vertices, 595 faces, 1148 tris, prolly too light but see how it goes).

Spent a lot of time (way more than normal) working through the UV’s. Anyways, here’s the very basics applied (keeping every thing CC-able for later). The one on the left is the base mesh. The one on the right is subdivided, just cause.

P.S. … if she can’t skewer it, she can blow it to bits.

some nice work here…good job :smiley:

Thanks! Trying to figure out what colours she ought be…

Update. Everything is still very rough. Think I finally settled on main colors.

A few small errors left to correct, but they will have to wait until the morning.

There, fixed the bump and spec issues. Also had a realization getting ready this morning, grapples are WAY MORE FUN! I used to love playing Bionic Commando as a kid!

Time to work through the animation rig. Realizing too how “astray” this forum thread has become…