texture pre loader?

hi, is there any way to pre load all the textures in my game to memory?

just pack it i guess.

what do you mean by “pack it.”

do you mean save it as a runtime?

does anybody know if this is even possible?

i know on the yo frankie game they have a preloader. this gives me hope.


File > External Data > Pack into .blend file


I don’t think packing the files will work as a pre loader. I used to have all my textures packed but it made editing everything really slow. So now i just have a blend file linking external textures.

Packing the file is not what i am looking for. I am looking for a way to pre load all my textures before the game starts (like in yo frankie). is there a script to load all my textures into memory so blender doesn’t have to load the textures on the on the fly?

thank you.


No pack will load into memory but not OpenGL memory.

just have an object with an image on each face, set its alpha to zero and add an EndObject actuator that runs at startup.
Could also make this an option for the BGE, that all images are pre-loaded into Opengl memory - like show debug physics and full framerate currently are.
This is a good feature to add if you want to get into BGE development (hint hint)

“just have an object with an image on each face, set its alpha to zero and add an EndObject actuator that runs at startup.”

is this supposed to work as a preloader? i dont feel like this is going to work but i guess i will give it a shot.

so i guess what you are saying is that there is no built in way to do a preloader in blender and that i have to write my own.

a preloader seems like a typical thing to have in a game engine but i guess not.

does anybody know if there is a way to increase the memory cache limit to something like 2048?
i know you can increase it to 1024 but i think i need more.


What is the benefit of this? can I load textures that I’m going to use in the next scene?

Had a look into adding this feature but found in the source code

  • Blender always preloads images and glsl shaders.
    (tested with prints in the code to make sure).

so why does it seem as if the textures are being loaded on the fly?

my computer chokes when i reach areas in my game that are outside my cameras clipping view because it is loading those textures. what i want is to load all my textures into memory so that blender doesn’t have to load those textures during game play.

let me know if that is completely ridiculous but i am pretty sure that is how it works with games stystems.


anyone resolve this problem?
i have the same problem…


The only way that textures are not loaded on the fly is inbetween scenes (when loading a scene)
Maybe its generating a display list or something on the first draw, but textures are definitely pre-loaded,.

i don’t know…

i have invisible object, a plane, with large texture…
when i’m near this object i press a key to change it to visible…
and for one second my pc freeze… like it’s loading data…

the second time, when i press the key, the plane change to visible
very easy…it’s in memory…

i want preload it in memory…