Texture Preview?

I’m having trouble having textures show up in my 3D (or any other) preview window. I’ve tried both the proper “Z” key settings and “D”, but my preview remains a dull gray. I have RTFM, and I’m having this difficulty as I work my way through the Blender Game Guide. I’ve tried several photographic textures, both JPG and TGA with no result. I have to presume I’m doing something wrong or that the tutorials are wrong in suggesting that Blender can show realtime textures…:slight_smile:

Apple Mini, 1.4 GHz, by the way…

You can only see textures that have been UVMapped in the 3D viewport (with Alt-Z). Textures linked to Materials will look “better” the more you subdivide, but they will never be as good as UVMapped ones. They have their own preview in the Buttons Windows. However, you can only use UVMapped textures in the GameEngine.


I’m having a similar problem. I’ve laid out the UVs for my character. In every mode, with the exception of Weight painting for some reason, the texture does not show up. I removed all links to the material I applied to the model, pinned the UVs. Even with texture paint, I can see the texture updating in the image window, but not on the model.

The thing is that I used a cube to set up my reference images and they show up just fine in the 3D view. So I’m pretty sure it’s something I’m doing that is the problem.

AH! Thanks!

I’m too used to other apps, it seems, where the UV mapping is just another choice like “cubic” or “cylindrical”, not an entirely different method of loading images. That explains my other bewildering observation: that in the exmples where the texture was visible in the 3D preview, there was no material linked to the object.

I’d love to say that all is clear now, but I think I’m just beginning to get an idea of the depths I’m going to have to plumb. Still, I can load a UV image now! Thanks again!

I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve observed that the UV mapping doesn’t show in realtime on the object as you adjust UVs. You have to left-click to drop the UVs before the 3D view updates.

In the UV Editor header, on the right, is an icon with a lock on it. If you click that you will get realtime updates. This also applies to other windows like IPO etc…


Mm. Tried the suggestions and no results. None of the textures are showing up in the render window either (even for the cube I used for reference)…

this is quite puzzling :o

[ EDIT ]
Here’s the blend file

Your Vertex Color is Black. Hit V in 3D view and goto F9. Set Paint tab colors to White and hit “SetVertCol” button at bottom-Left.


Cool! That did it :smiley:

Thanks for putting up with me.