Texture problem/distortion? On a flat face/surface

Hi there,

i have some weird things going on with my texture on a text for a logo i have been making. I made the text, then made a mesh of it, deleted all triangles, extruded it and then beveled it. Now when im texturing them i get this:

why is this and how do i solve this ?

i thank u in advance

Out of curiosity did you apply scale after? I also see large ngons which cause issues as well especially with non symmetrical geometry.

yes i did apply scale , but the whole text is ok except for this letter. and it doesnt mather if scale it or not it stays the same. Its only this letter.

The unwrapping algorithm has often problems with ngons. Use ‘Project From View’ or cut the ngon into multiple faces (select two verts and hit J).

Project from view did the trick! , whats the difference between Smart uv project and Project from view?

Also why does this only effect this particular letter, because all the other letters are like large ngons aswell.

anyways i can go on now :smiley: so im happy . Ty very much!