texture problem... i think

I’m fairly new to blender, but I created a model of an interior environment and want to add textures to it. Its confusing that when I have edit mode on and in solid view my textures appear. but when i put it in texture mode, there is no texture! Also, i don’t know if the problem is the above, but a solid grey screen appears when I press render. Please help if you can - it would be great if you could guide me through the stages of your help.

Check the positioning of your camera. Verify it with the camera view (Numpad 0) in the 3D view.

to add a texture you have first to add a material then open texture panel and add the new texture. if you want an image, choose image in the texture type and select the image that you want. if you already do this try to change the mode in GlsL( press n in the 3D viewport find display, and change multi texture in GlSL), doing this in textured mode you see the image wrapped on the mesh. for the green screen is probly the camera position, set it with ctrl + alt+ 0 it will be aligned with your view.

hi, thanks for replying.

I have checked the camera and it is in position, when I press 0 the model is in view. I believe I have applied the materials and textures in the correct manner in accordance to blender tutorials. I have tried everything you posted but the same problems still occur: grey screen for render result and no texture/material displaying on model, just white solid!

Thanks Rebellion for the GLSL-tip. I can use that:) – yet you might experience significant lags when undoing operations (ie moving camera and objects) in my case on Mac platform/NVIDIA GeForce card.

Since I recently - still an apprentice - have met confusion about the texture/UV settings, I’ve worked out this checklist, that works for me for the moment. As it concerns the Texture panel it may be of your interest also.

I’ll assume one have loaded an image properly in the UV Editor:

These settings apply to the 3D View mode

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@ searching
grey screen is the world setting for the background, you can change it in the panel with the world icon, in horizon color, for texturing try to change de diffuse color of the material and see what happen.