Texture problem with Cycles (mac os x, ver 2.61)

Hey guys. New to this forum and Blender, really. When I switch to Cycles, the only option I have in the Textures panel is “TexDraw,” and it doesn’t seem to recognize what I have selected e.g. the flow chart sort of thing at the top of the panel shows the scene icon>TexDraw.

This problem seems to cross builds, but doesn’t occur when the internal renderer is selected. It could be a bug or it could be that I’m just an idiot, but every tutorial and everything I could find in the docs said there should be different options in this panel. :frowning:

Hi, in cycles you have to add textures in the material slot or in in the node editor, texture slot is not used in cycles. I add a small testfile, click “Load UI” during openening the file.
Here is a overview about cycles, it is not new but show the concept.

Cheers, mib.


texture.blend (955 KB)

Ah. Thank you. I knew there had to be a way to get textures in from the node editor but I was putting them in the wrong spot.