Texture problem

Hello everybody!!!
When we use a reflect texture, the texture move in same time than the view: it isn’t realist.
I would like to know how move a reflect texture in real time.
I have written a script witch change the location of the projection map from the the location of the camera but it didn’t work…
Anybody has the answer?
Thank guys :wink:

what version are you using?
upbge has reflection maps which can be used to create mirror effects like on the floor or water.
in bfbge it is more complicated, as some things have to be inverted and you need to move the camera around and not have objects in the way. i’ve tried and there are some very weird problems that i don’t think can be solved, probably due to the perspective camera and FOV.

I work in UPBGE 0.2.4 or in Blender 2.79b.
But in UPBGE, the reflexion map is turned to the view, and I can’t see the settings of pictures…