Texture problem

When I try to put a texture on an object, it’s always get that purple/pink colour in the render and in the panels, bur not in the 3D-window. And when I try to edit that colour, it’s just getting worse! Please, help me with this.

  • Material buttons
  • Map To
  • Deselect ‘Col’ or change the pink in the colour of your wish

(- select ‘Nor’, or ‘Spec’ instead. Just play around a bit to learn what each button does. Or check it out here)

I presume you are using procedural textures, not an image texture.

Press F5 to go to shading pannels, under material buttons you should have on the far rigth the “map to” tab. In this “map to” pannel you have a colour picker that is by default purple/pink, change this colour to change the colour of the material. Hope this helps.

Thanks! That’s all I wan to know for now :smiley: