texture problem



green area is good but red area is blured and mixed. How can i fix it? Please help!

probably you can’t, its Blender/OpenGL internal methods I guess…

i can use openGL mode but this problem is very interesting

its just how it is seen in real time? I guess it is like distance blur right> hehe.
Hope you find a cure for your strange floor. is it because your planes are low poly?
or is it just the camera settings?

isnt this a realtime texture filter? In that chase, oto is right.

i haven’t use texture filter. there is no effect and it works in GLSL Material mode. Area that near my main camera seems good but far area is bad.

im sure its the mip maps, you can turn’m off in the system&openGl

i tried “mipmap turn off” operation but in case quality is reduced.

but did it work? cuz all the mipmaps do is reduce the quality of the texture if its far away, so your not loading all the texture when you cant really see it

it worked but like this


the mipmaps blur whats in the distance, play around with the settings to get it how you want :slight_smile:

i think i know a solution way. Deleting Blender 2.49 :smiley:

collision is bad
gravity is bad
mapping quality is bad
sometimes sensor doesn’t work orderly especially “near” sensor
program doesn’t process with more polygons or mesh

but modelling 3d is good but cut tool is bad.
and i like interface of blender 2.49.

if someone improve this game engine, using this program is possible.

and I don’t like 2.5 version. Interface is changed and usage is difficult now.