Texture problem

Hi guys. I have a 3D Akira Class model from Star Trek Bridge Commander and found out how to have textures on it instead of a grey ship. The only problem is, it seems the ship has turned into a texture map! Some angles show it less, but the second image enclosed should help show the problem. I’m not sure how it will appear on a post in the order, but one appears to be normal and solid, but the second you can see through the ship.


Please help! If any of you know how to fix this, please post!

Have you checked that the normals are correct?

I checked the node editor and am not sure what is wrong. It’s like the mesh entirely disappeared and the textures are alone.

Upload the .blend and let us take a look.

Here it is. Thanks.


akira.blend (714 KB)

There are several transparent materials assigned to the model, that is what’s causing the problem. You could simply remove them all and assign a new one. Also, you should remove all double vertices (Mesh>Vertex>Remove doubles), there were over 3000!