Texture problem

I am beginner with Blender and this is my first try of UV unwrapping/texturing and my problem:
I don’t know what are those weird lines and white areas so can someone help me with this.:spin:

attached blend files always helps. it seems that you forgot to set the mapping coordinates to UV of your normal map. The option is in textures properties>> MAPPING. where you select the textures for your mesh.
While you are there, make sure premultiply is selected in >>IMAGE property.

what they are are single pixel errors in your source texture blown up to be visible by the stretching of the image to fit onto the mesh.

only way to fix that is to fix your source texture in an image manipulation program like Gimp

I get those white lines away, thanks ^^ But are there somekind of tutorial for how to get those blown up texture things away, I am really bad with image programs.

White lines are now away, thanks ^^ But is there anykind of tutorial for those blown up texture things cause I am really bad with image edit programs. Thanks.

Thanks for reply, do you know anykind of tutorial cause I am bad with image programs. Thanks.

Not really. I learned by doing myself.

I solved it now, thanks for help ^^