Texture Problem :(

Hey, i’m working on a First Person game, and i have a flashlight, and movements and that stuff…

I add a Spotlight to the flashlight as the only light source in the game and i have a plane with a grass texture.

Heres the problem: when i start the game(textured mode) everything is black, even though i have my flashlight pointed at the ground, no textures / light is showing :confused:

I have another object/model, and it works fine with the light, but it’s the ground thats not working…

If i press “Render Current Frame” i see the flashlight, and the light it gives makes the ground on the spot visible.

If i save it as a runtime and run it everythings completely normal, like if theres were no lights at all, everything is bright and got no shades…

If you have any ideas please hep me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Does your grass have a material+texture applied to it with UVs setup correctly? I don’t think the game engine can use the “active image” in “Texture Solid” mode the way the viewport and renderer can.

it has a material / texture :confused: what should i do?

You will need to post your .blend file so that we can look at the settings.

Try subdividing the plane somewhat. If you’re using multi-texture shading, then lighting is per vertex, and having more vertices results in better looking lighting.

If you’re using GLSL, then that won’t help. Instead make sure that the material exists and has sensible settings (ie isn’t black, or something like that)

It also might be that you have it in GLSL mode, but don’t have a graphics card that supports GLSL. If that’s the case, putting it down to multi-texture mode might help.