Texture Problems

I’ve been having some texture problems lately. Ok…so I make a model and then I’m like “Yay time for texturing!” but then when i go into UV Mapping all the faces are mest up. Like different options are set that aren’t supposed to be (Tex, Add, Invisible.) Also if I right click on each face and change it then the texturing acts weird and I can’t unwrap. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? Cause I’m really frustrated when I make an awesome model and find out it’s not gonna work. Also sorry if this has already been posted but I’m not really a good forum searcher. :stuck_out_tongue: And this does have to do with the game engine cause I make models mostly for games. Lol.

Edit:Well I just found out if I’m trying to make to of the same part I can duplicate it when it’s textured and flip the faces but there must be an easier way.

Well I reckon your only selecting one face when your UV mapping because I get the same as you if I do that. To delete the ‘in error’ UV mapping you can delete the UV Texture - [While in UV Face Select mode go to the Editing buttons F9 and in the ‘Mesh’ panel under UVTexture press the ‘x’ next to UVTex. The you can start again.]
This time press A to select all the faces or the ones you want and then U to select one of the unwrap modes.
Hope thats it…

When you click a face property (such as “invisible”) just one face is changed (the first selected) no mater how many are selected.
To change all the faces in one step, just select all the faces, change the properties you want and then click the button “Copy drawmode”.


Wow thanks! Now I can go on making my models and texturing them :smiley: