texture problems

I am basically an idiot when it comes to the GE, with that said I hope you will understand my problem.
I am trying to add textures to an object using the UV editor. When I press “P” the texture dissapears.
If I render the scene it is there. What am I doing wrong?
On another now how do I add shadows?

Check the materials panel. If you have a material assigned to it you have to add a texture. Click the button (still in materials panel) on the right, under Textures, that says “New”. (That might not have been the best description)
You have to use a script and some tinkering to make shadows. As soon as i integrate it into APPLE i will post it, and it shall be easy!!

Are you in texture mode?

You must be in uv face select, then open the texture in the uv edit window and be in texture mode to see it in the GE.

It doesnt matter if you have a material assigned to it or not. smile.
If you have a material, and have use materials selected, then you will not see the image. But you will if you un-check the use blender materals.

If you dont have a material assigned, then it doesnt matter if the use blender materials is checked or not.

Hope that helps.

I got it, I was in shaded not textured view.


Great, good luck with whatever you are making!

ititrx: it does matter if you have a material assigned to it. Thats why you cant see it when you do ‘Use Blender materials’. If you make a texture using the “Add new” button in the Materials menu (F5) you can see it, even if you have “Use Blender Materials” on

shmunkymann33: You need to carefully read what i said. Then think about it. LOL.

It doesnt matter. What matters is the use materials in the Ge button. So you have many options.

I understand what you are saying. You are suggesting that if you want to use materials with your uv map to apply the image in a texture slot and then select UV in the map input tab. You will need to select Use blender materials to see it in the GE.

And you can actually use a different image in the materials than you use in the uv image editor. You can bebop all over the place with this stuff. LOL.

However, he said he was using the uv image editor, not materials, so you would uncheck it in the menu, or you wouldnt care if you didnt have any materials, because it doesnt matter then.

ok, you win…

Lol, yer cute.

He he i kno…
I see what your sayin. If he was using a material (which i think he should be), then you would do what i said, but since he ISN’T, it doesnt matter

(which i think he should be

BA HUMBUG! Not using materials in the GE makes it run faster…FASTer…FASTEST!!!

And its all in the check/no check ‘use blender materials in the ge’ button. lol